2/18/21 – 
We have been busy! Between COVID19 and building out new features, so much has happened that we have not had time to add any updates to our page for a while!
– We added a resources page and added a handful of vendors that offer their services.
– We updated our cart to work more closely with the amazon FBA inbound process. A full release of this feature is being worked on as we speak.
– We’ve added over 10,000 new deals to our product catalog!
– We’ve added 100s of new brands!

2/17/20 – 
New features added that will save you loads of time! You can now download our complete in-stock inventory report along with all relevant Amazon information. You can also choose to use the on-page site filters to create a custom report and download it using the “Current Filters” download button. Both buttons are located on the upper right-hand in the FBA Deals Home Page

1/30/20 – 
Based on user requests, we’ve updated the “table view” sort feature to split the profit dollar & profit percentage. Go to our product page > table view to try it out now!

Based on user requests, we’ve added a feature that enables you to include or exclude particular categories quicker!


Based on user requests, we’ve updated our shipping guide with a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a pallet shipment in seller central. Check it out now!


NEW! We now added ungating history to our ungating service so you can see which brands/products we were able to ungate people for. See more here.



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